DON’T YOU SEE – Raja Reo

Take a little step, go a little further
Keep moving ahead, bring yourself closer
The roads too long, the winds too strong
And I swear you’ll fall, but brave your soul

I know it’s scary, it makes you worry
You had enough but this is life
You’ve been broken, your courage stolen
Still you remain amidst the pain

Don’t you see, your heart is free
Every little thing is a possibility
Don’t you understand, that all your pain
Lit a fire deep inside your heart
Don’t lose your sight, go and continue your fight.

I’ll be your rain, for now and tomorrow
Ill ease your pain, and sooth your sorrow
But understand, I can’t always hold your hand
Don’t dare to wither, it’s only yours to conquer
Nusa Penida, 30 Desember 2021

Dalam Buku : Bunga Rampai Kata Indah Kulasentana

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