Inside this hollow space of time
I stroll around with an ancient rhyme
The only rhyme my heart could play
Looking for a Line to share

It’s you, you’re a golden light
And my world’s no longer in a plight
Time has marked my heart with scars
You seal ’em away, oh my morning stars

You are a cloud of melodies
A golden rain of fantasies
I wonder how you shine so bright
You washed away my darkest night

And when my soul starts to drift away
I would know how to find my way
For you are the queen of my night
I’ll ride back home through your guiding light
Pendem, 31 Desember 2021

Dalam Buku : Bunga Rampai Kata Indah Kulasentana

"Dunia dan isinya adalah media pembelajar oleh karena itu jadilah pembelajar yang baik"